Apex Legend has been quiet for a really long time, but now it’s true Apex legend mobile is finally launching its first beta version.

Recently Chad Grenier who is a game director on Apex Legends, announced officially on the Apex Legends news blog that at the end of April 2021 they will release the first beta version of apex legends.

In mid-2020 they had promised that they are working on a mobile version of apex legends and soon it will be available, and now it’s finally here.

Only a few thousand players can try the beta version of the game…

If you’re trying to add your blog into google news and getting the error saying, “Section missing content “ and “There are no articles in this section.” then follow these steps:

Go to your contents>New section, choose feed and then in place of your RSS URL change it, from https://yoursite.com/feed to https://yoursite.com/feed/rss2

choose view access to anyone, and click apply and save everything by clicking on the top right.

According to developers of IBM, Now overwatch will use AI to collect More than 1.8M data points in any given match you join and process this data to build power rankings.

For those of you who are not much familiar with Overwatch, Overwatch is an intense 6v6, network-based, action game that is played by millions of gamers in over 190 countries.

The game challenges teams to capture more objectives than their opponents against the backdrop of fantasy cityscapes, using an array of tools and characters.

The fast-paced and chaotic nature of the game has made ranking players by performance a…

Termius is an amazing tool with an awesome user interface and design (unlike putty) which you can use to connect to your AWS instance with the help of termius in your windows 10.

To connect AWS instance with termius you will need these 4 things:

IP address



and key pair

How to SSH connect AWS with termius in windows 10

to make ssh connection with termius watch this quick 2 minute video:

Is there anything more frustrating than running into errors while trying to update your Windows computer, something you have been putting off for a while?

it is possible that your Windows 10 isn’t being updated properly, and you are getting the error message “potential windows update database error detected” in the Windows 10 troubleshooter program. However, you are not alone. many Windows users have been facing this issue.

The good news is you can fix this windows update problem by trying one of the following solutions mentioned below.

But before that let’s take a look and try to understand


Screenshots allow you to take a snap/picture of your computer’s whole screen or just the important part of it. and later you can save it on your computer and share it with someone.

Screenshots are one of the most important things in the computer or mobile phones. and snipping tool is by far the best tool provided by windows 10 to take screenshots.

What is a windows snipping tool?

Snipping tool is just a fancy name of screenshot-taking software provided by Windows 10. Along with the normal screenshot-taking feature, the windows snipping tool provides much more advanced features.

such as rectangular slip, free form snip, windows…

In this guide, I’m going to show you a trick which only a few people know about this, where you can enable dark mode in your Google Chrome, Facebook, or any other app in Windows 10, and the cool thing about this tutorial is that you don’t even need to install any software for that.

What is Dark mode And why it’s so popular?

The dark mode is a feature in computers or smartphones where you can lower the brightness of the screen by changing the bright colors to dark or black colors.

The dark mode is considered good for the eyes of users who use computers for more…

With the approach of the internet, the answers to anything is just one tap away. Kids of the current generation learn how to use YouTube even before learning the alphabet!

Life sure has become very convenient however, there is a downside to the internet too.

Excessive screen time has made the eyesight of the kids weak at a young age.

Kids can have access to any kind of content on the internet.
And as a parent, this issue should be bothering you. …

Note: This is a detailed guide on fixing your laptop having issue “plugged in but not charging Windows 10”, if any one solution doesn’t work, don’t be sad try the next.

Lots of computer users have been facing this issue where when you plug-in your windows 10 computer it shows that your device is plugged in however it’s not charging.

And if you’re also facing this issue then you don’t need to worry because you are not the only one who is facing this issue on your computer, If you do a little research, you will get to know that…

Let’s learn to make custom alerts by making a Yes or No alert box

With built-in JavaScript, you get only three types of JavaScript alert popups, and those are :

  • Alert Box
  • Confirm Box
  • Prompt Box

Now, the problem with these predefined JavaScript alerts is, you can’t customize it, you can’t change the value or its design.

For example- if you make a confirm alert box in JavaScript, it’d make a confirmation box with an OK or Cancel box.

Now suppose you are making a quiz or some sort of web application, and you want to make a JavaScript alert with a Yes or No box instead of Ok or Cancel box, how are…


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